Presently, the number of Development companies turning to offshore companies for their mobile app development and web development needs is increasing. Especially for website development and programming companies.

The thought of hiring offshore developers who are ready to work for almost 50% less than what a professional living in your country can expect definitely is an attractive one. The fact is that you will get the precise amount of work and quality you pay for. For any business, whether it is a big or small one, outsourcing tends to bring in a good percentage of financial freedom and flexibility. However, everything has its pros and cons. No matter what size your company, if you are thinking about outsourcing then you must ensure that you keep these pros and cons in mind before you decide to take the plunge.

So is hiring offshore Developer a good plan or one that comes with a lot of trouble? Let’s look at the disadvantages first.

Cons of Hiring Offshore Resource

For most businesses who work on a fixed budget, the whole concept of employing a person who will readily work for lesser dollars per hour is a major attraction. However, it has its negatives. These include:

  • Communication Gap: A drawback to outsourcing is the bridge of communication. It can become a frustrating task to try to understand what the third person is trying to say or explain because of poor networks, and accent differences.
  • Loss of Data: Another disadvantage of outsourcing is the potential risk of loss in sensitive data. A company must ensure that it always keeps a check on its data and signs an NDA.
  • Difficulty in Understanding: Apart from aural understanding, another problem is the difficulty in technical understanding, and interpretation of the information provided by outsourcing.
  • Poor Quality: Probably the biggest downside, outsourcing comes with the problem of poor work quality. It is difficult for any company to know before-hand the quality an offshore developer can provide unless you have an earlier experience with the developer. In the end when you ask for the work, you may face disappointments because it wasn’t up to the mark as you expected.

Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing

  • Save the costs on labor, or training costs. You can also avoid costs of technology.
  • You can pay more attention and enhances the competitive edge of your business.
  • You can focus more on strategic thinking and manage trading relationships.
  • You can hire the best services and skills for less the amount you will have to pay to a local employee. Just make little research before you select a developer.
  • Improved production, which can lead to better customer satisfaction as well as efficient deliveries of your services and products.
  • A reduction in overheads in terms of office arrangement and HR handling. Allowing better control on your business operating costs.

Hiring offshore web development company has its cons, however, if you look at the advantages, you will clearly see that it proves to be the best option for any business that wants to grow faster. If you are searching for someone who you can trust as a partner for this service, you can rely on RED SIGNAL. Having a bag full of experience and reputation for delivering projects well before the deadline approaches, we ensure to meet expected standards and work quality required. We know the risks and fears that tag along with outsourcing and this is why we offer risk-free guarantee like free trials, no upfront fees on your 1st project, competitive costs, data security, customer trainings, and intellectual property protection.

We reach out to small or big size companies for their iOS and Android app development or web development requirements in PHP, .Net, AngularJS or Frontend technologies. We can help with any stage of software development, whether its a new project or a messed-off one. Trust us and we never shake it.

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