From Concept To Completion

We've A Style To Do Work

We don’t do photocopies or cookie-cutter projects. We do ORIGINALS and for that it’s critical for us to first sit and talk with you, learn your business goals and objectives, do our research and analysis and then propose you our solution.


Before we do anything, we like to sit down together and find out more about you. We want you to tell us your story – of your company, your product and your audience. The better we can understand your business, the better our relationship will be and better job we will be able to do. We’ll share our thoughts with you, create a bespoke proposal, and once you are happy (and only then) we’ll move on to the next phase. Have an idea? Why not spit it out!


We carefully plan each project before any designing or development takes place. Our main focus here is on the user – we have to make sure any designs we come up with are accessible, intuitive and functional. That’s not going to happen if we rush in – so we take our time researching your market, defining the required content, and mapping UX workflows to ensure the best possible experience for your users.


Then comes the long hailed king, ‘content’. Whether it’s complex enterprise web application or it’s a popular brand’s eCommerce store, we take time to understand the buying behaviors of targeted audience and create the content that stokes their buying lust. Meanwhile, we do branding, voice, SEO, editorial style guides and so on.


Once ideas get the words, this is where our ideas take the form. We’ll collaborate with you on a number of creative routes, producing content and designing iteratively so that you can see our direction at all times. When necessary we create interactive prototypes to test ideas and possibilities. That way we can ensure we end up with a product that you’re happy with


Once design files are approved, they are sent to our rockstar coders for development – that’s Rock n’ Rolla time. As our expertise ranges across both design and development, our creative visions are always produced with coding in mind. That means we can delve straight into the hard work of writing the code to make your project work. Like all other parts of our process, we involve you – everything will be outlined for you to sign off before we build anything. We want you to be as happy with the parts of the project you don’t see as with those you do. In general, we can develop anything to ANYTHING


We know how important testing is. We work hard to preempt any issues that might arise, but through our thorough testing process we normally catch them all. At this stage When everything checked, all things set, it’s time to Launch. We don’t stay there and watch, we actually anchor your whole dotcom adventure.


We keep a close relationship with our clients, and we’re proactive in maintaining, improving and marketing your site. The hard work isn’t over, and the story goes on

All web & mobile apps undergo a ‘bedding in’ period. It’s time where we monitor & measure your projects’ efficiency, fix its errors and do the inevitable tweaks and changes


Did we say that we have STARTUP in our DNA. We love working on new
ideas and bringing them to life – its shows in the way that we get involved.
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