Social Media Platforms are providing companies with the chance to promote and advertise their brands and commodities with a user friendly channel. Due to increased use of online platforms by the customers, it has become very vital for businesses to engage with the clients on their Mobiles.

Famous public chat applications such as Facebook and Twitter has been the choice for the companies to market their products and services for the past years. These public platforms were very easily targeted by the groups for promotions. Now, before companies have even utterly adapted strategies for its online presence, these apps are transforming again.

The upswing of Private Social Networks and Messaging Apps will test the strategies that marketers established for Public Social Networks. The most famous among private chat apps includes WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

  • WhatsApp has successfully become the largest messaging provision, currently over with more than a billion active users.
  • Snapchat is a juggernaut with teenagers, now getting more everyday check-ins than Facebook.
  • Out of 100 Fortune companies, 77 is on Slack. The data from the app shows that an average person runs an app for about 10 hours a day.
  • Facebook, which is the biggest public interaction forum also introduced Private Messenger. Today, there are more than 900 million users for Messengers.The Problem is that how Private Messaging Apps are enjoyed this much by individuals? Maybe it’s time that people are looking to interact with real friends only rather than broadcasting. Mobile App Development is now more focused on how to reach people preferring private networks and apps. The increase use of intimate channels have perhaps left markers with couple of concerns.

Communication vs. Discoverability – The challenge related to private app is to get people locate and communicate with you. In the application people are generally using to interconnect with groups and family, what role can a brand perform?

Mobile consumers – are more expected to have push notifications turned on for an app rather for email, a branded application, for Facebook. This means that chances are high for brands but, how should ads and brand follow within chats in a way that isn’t unacceptable… or weird?

One of the key aspect while developing the mobile application is that it should be functional according to the identified level of strategy considered by the organization. These private interactions are moving to the private networks owned by Facebook, Whatsapp and others. Businesses will certainly try to navigate, and perhaps get advantage from these enormous private networks. Organizations are now trying to increase their sales by reaching out customers through responsive mobile channels and to nurture their relationship with customers. This will not only allow organizations to get useful data, but also permit them to Market fast. The challenge is to utilize these private platforms for brand communications to be more instant, expressive, and intimate.

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